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Traditional Training

The Traditional Training course consists of a morning classroom session focused on theory. This is followed by an afternoon session for Hands-on Practical Training and ends with an evaluation session on the same day. 

The Traditional Training course will be facilitated by an Instructor for the day. The classroom theory portion consists of:

On-Line Training

The On-Line Training course consists of a self-directed web based theory session. The student is allowed a 2 week timeframe to complete the web based theory portion before attending the Hands-on Practical Training. On-Line Training is convenient, cost effective, self-paced and offers enough time to provide a solid understanding of equipment operator knowledge prior to the Hands-on Practical Training.

Once successfully completed, the Hands-on Practical Training and evaluation session is required. Hands-on Practical Training is a half-day session focusing on the complete understanding of workplace hazard assessment, equipment inspection, and a practical operator evaluation.