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Front End Loader

Front End Loader Training Course | Safety Certification

Course Description (PDF Download)

  • Your Job site or Our Training Center:  Our Certified Trainers will train your operators on your equipment and your specific applications, or we provide regularly scheduled training classes at our regional Training Centers throughout Western Canada.
  • Theory Test: Complete & comprehensive classroom training provided to determine your qualifications to proceed to the practical training program.
  • Practical Training: Practical, hands-on training enables you to conduct a pre-use inspection, work place hazard assessment and demonstrate proper operating techniques for Front End Loaders.
  • Certification: After successful completion of the written theory test and final practical assessment, a certification card and diploma for the Front End Loader course is provided. 
  • Understanding Regulations: Within Federal, Provincial and individual company policies.
  • Knowledge of the Types of Front End Loaders: Rigid Frame, Articulated Frame, and Attachments.
  • Understand the Main Parts & each function: Hydraulic System, Cylinder Assemblies, Steering System, Accumulator and Locking System, Front Loader Assembly, Main Controls and Functions, Engine Compartment and Wheels and Tires.
  • Understanding Front End Loader Operating Safety: Stability, Overloading and Improper  loading, Maneuverability, Side slope & Grades, Hazard Assessment of the Work site.
  • Safe Front End Loader Operation: Pre-use Inspections, Filling and Dumping the Bucket, Digging, Leveling and Undercutting, Loading a Truck, Operating on a Slope or Grade, Shutdown and Parking, Proper Loading and Transporting with trailer, Working with a Signal Person.
  • Fuel Types and Fire Safety: Gasoline & Diesel fuel and workplace fire safety procedures.